A pointless trolling extension from PlatonDevs. Troll your friends installing this extension in their Chrome. Its purpose is replacing all images in the page by the TrollFace.

Laugh now, install it from the Chrome webstore !

The extension will try to replace all images in the page (specified as img tag) by the TrollFace. It may not work with newer formats… but it can create some havoc. See the example of what happens when it is active and a search in Google is done…

Trolling a search in Google with TrollFace Everywhere extension

To stop the operation temporarily, either use an incognito window or disable the extension in chrome://extensions.

Needless to say, like any other PlatonDevs extensions, the TrollFace Everywhere extension does not collect any personal data nor anything similar. And of course, this extension does not use cookies. No memes were harmed during the creation of this extension.