Don’t bother to use outdated paper business cards, the QR virtual Business Card is here. Use it or install yours in the QR virtual business card subdomain of this page !

If you ever ran out of business cards, you know how unconfortable is that moment. How many business cards should you bring with you? Will they be used or they will be trashed?

The solution is here

QR virtual Business Card

With QR virtual Business card, you have an scanneable business card in your phone.

  • No more running out of cards
  • Scanneable with any phone, no NFC needed

You can either use it from the website or install it via “add to home screen”. In both cases, your business card data is created and stored locally in your phone, which means that it can also be used offline.

Technical details

If you are curious about it:

  • It is a Progressive-Web-App. No heavy installations, whole app size is less than 1 picture
  • Data is stored locally in your phone, no data is shared
  • It uses the vCard format 3.0, readable by any phone

The small print

As usual, there is no smallprint on anything by Platondevs, regular font size for the Privacy and Cookies information:

QR virtual Business Card does NOT share your personal data, NOR uses cookies. The Card’s personal information is stored in your phone and only you have access to it. The only information collected is anonymous usage statistics, to understand how the product is used.