Enjoy with a set of tools from PlatonDevs:

From dropshipping in AliExpress and BangGood to making some fun installing trolling extensions in people’s computers when they are away. PlatonDevs can provide different kinds of solutions, available in Google Chrome store and in Microsoft Edge store. Do you need something specific? Still it can be developped and published in private mode.

What tools are available?

AliExpress Helper

AliHelper icon This is an Extension both for Chrome and Edge that automates part of the tedious process of running a dropshipping store with AliExpress, mostly exporting data such as:

  • The Order List as a CSV file, with product information, icon link, order number, prices, dates… it even creates invoices in case you need them. Print them in PDF!
  • The product images: Download a file with product pictures from seller
  • The review text: Download a CSV file with texts of product reviews, including date, opinion and rate
  • Download user pictures: Download a file with all user-uploaded pictures

You can find more information in the AliExpress Helper Extension page

BangGood Helper

BangGoodHelper icon After the success of AliExpress helper, I tried to perform something similar for BangGood. However, for hardcore dropshippers, BangGood has its own API. Because of that, the support for this tool will be greatly reduced compare with AliExpressHelper. Currently, the tool is limited to export the Order List as a CSV file, with product information, order number, prices, dates…

You can get the extension in the Chrome Web Store

Clear Cookies, Storage, and Reload Page

CCR icon

Sometimes you need to clear the cookies in the browser but you do not want to clear all the cookies and have to re-login in Facebook, Gmail and others… This extension is the solution! It will try to delete the cookies on the domain of the existing page, clear its storage and refresh the page. Enjoy re-loading pages that only allow limited use without having to restart your incognito browser. Do you like the idea? Get the Chrome version here !

TrollFace Everywhere

TrollFaceEverywhere in action This is a pointless trolling extension from PlatonDevs. Troll your friends installing this extension in their Chrome while they leave their computer unlocked. Its purpose is replacing all images in the page by the TrollFace, nothing more, nothing less.

Laugh now, install it from here !