Another new version of the AliExpress Helper Extension has been released. This new version adds a product image link to the product information and shipping costs to the order information. Get Chrome version here ! Get Edge version here !


  • Upgrades:
    • Provides a link to the image URL of the product in the order extraction - product level (thanks to Pelle for suggesting that)
    • Provides a time limit to the order extraction, to prevent issues when the order list is too big. If you want to select a different starting point, just navigate to the page where you need to start. Beware that it goes backwards in time!
  • Issues pending:
    • Dynamic shopping cart scrolling may lead to some products not being exported (next issue to be addressed).
    • Updated / changed tracking numbers are not supported. (This issue is pending because I develop and test with my own orders, and this has not ocurred to me so far, so I cannot test this feature…)